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5 Destinations To Have A Magical Yet Sunny Christmas In Florida

Florida is called the Sunshine State for a reason; it boasts about 237 days of sunshine a year. But that doesn’t mean it also isn’t the perfect place to get into the Christmas spirit.

We put together a list of five of the best sunshine-filled destinations to spend a magical Christmas in Florida this year. And since no Christmas is perfect without also being stress-free, we included information about how getting a payday advance in Florida can help with last-minute urgent expenses.

Best Destinations For Christmas In Florida

1. St. Augustine, FL

The oldest city in the state is also one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in Florida. One big reason: lights, lots and lots of lights. The city is almost completely covered with lights throughout the season, so just a short drive or walk around any part of town gets you in the holiday mood.

More than 3 million lights illuminate the town’s historic district for two whole months, through January 31. Restaurants and shops also extend their hours, offering a romantic holiday twist for your night out. You can also take in the lights through trolley and train tours — even by air and by sea. 

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2. West Palm Beach, FL

As you may have guessed from its name, West Palm Beach, Florida is a total beach town, and it uses that reputation to its advantage during Christmas in Florida. In December, you can check out Sandi, a huge sand tree decorated with thousands of lights.

How huge? It weighs about 700 tons and stands at about 35 feet high. How magical? There’s a music and light show that surrounds it every 15 minutes.

Also making West Palm Beach stand out during Christmas in Florida is Rosemary Square. Each night through December, you can actually experience snow while shopping or going out to eat.

Yes, snow. In Florida.

3. St. Petersburg, FL

There’s a little something for everyone in the family if St. Petersburg is on your list for Christmas in Florida. Your first stop should be Enchant, considered to be one of the world’s largest markets and Christmas light maze.

You’ll find dozens of vendors offering handmade jewelry, food, and more. The artisans rotate every two weeks to give you a new experience every time you shop. 

The light maze is a living storybook filled with sculptures and light displays providing an adventure to find the missing reindeer for Santa. And at Winter Beach at St. Pete Pier, you can glide on the waterfront ice skating rink or snuggle up during a holiday movie night.

christmas celebration, florida

4. Celebration, FL

With a name like Celebration, Florida, you expect a magical holiday in the town built by Disney near the massive Disney World Resort, and you won’t be disappointed. It has a small-town feel that is a perfect representative of what’s in store during Christmas in Florida.

There’s “snow” here, too. At Lakeside Park’s Holiday Fest, there’s a snow slide, ice rink, and a full schedule of entertainment that makes the spot a perfect winter wonderland. Children will love the annual Holiday Light Parade and Teddy Bear Toss, which doubles as a fundraiser to donate lightly used stuffed animals for children in need.

5. Christmas, FL

How would you like to spend Christmas in Florida in a town actually named Christmas? Though not as bustling or flashy as some other Florida celebrations, Christmas in Christmas, Florida is still memorable.

Christmas (named for the 19th century Fort Christmas dedicated on Dec. 25, 1837) is lined with streets named after Santa’s reindeer and a post office that will actually stamp letters to Santa from a place called Christmas. And at the Fort Christmas Cracker Christmas, there is great food and a large craft fair.

Unrelated to Christmas in Christmas, but still very cool, is that you can see, at 200 feet, the world’s largest alligator-shaped building. Talk about festive!

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Enjoying Christmas In The Sunshine State

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