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5 Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas For Family And Friends

Christmas is a time for merriment and cheer, but you may feel pressure to spend hundreds of dollars on your loved ones. While we understand that feeling, purchasing thoughtful gifts doesn't have to break the bank.

There are plenty of high-quality yet affordable products that your friends and family are bound to love. We review the top five affordable Christmas gifts before explaining what to do if a financial emergency arises while you're shopping for presents.

5 Affordable Christmas Gifts for Your Loved Ones

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1. Scratch Off Posters

The concept of scratch-off posters is simple — every time you complete one of the items on the poster, you scratch it off. They're the very definition of "simple yet effective," and cost between $15 and $22. The pure gratification your gift receiver will get upon revealing each of the 100 images is immeasurable. There are a variety of options to choose from at the Gift Republic store on Amazon.

The specific activities/items on the poster will depend on the type you purchase. Luckily, there are tons to choose from, ensuring there's something for everyone, regardless of age or interests. Here are a few popular Gift Republic scratch-off poster options:

  • 100 Coffees Scratch Poster
  • 100 Books Scratch Poster
  • 100 Things to Do Scratch Poster
  • 100 Places to Visit Scratch Poster
  • 100 Kids Books Scratch Poster
  • 100 Movies Scratch Poster

2. "Grow Your Own" Kits

If you want to give your friends and family gifts that will keep on giving, you can't go wrong with a "grow your own" kit. Granted, they might not be loved by everybody, but those with particularly green fingers will adore them.

Several companies offer these kits, but some of our favorites include:

  • Hydroponic Grow Kits by Back to the Roots — This Oakland-based company began as a kitchen experiment and has transformed into an organic garden brand. There's no need for a garden; it comes with everything you need to grow your own seeds. The company's kits cost between $20 and $115, giving you a great price range to pick from.
  • Seed Grower Kits by Modern Sprout — The Chicago-based brand empowers city dwellers to grow indoor gardens with their simple seed, hydroponic, and plant starter kits. Each kit boasts a creative name, a gorgeous pot, and seeds. The flower planting kit is our favorite; it's as near to foolproof as it gets! They cost $9 to $25.
  • Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit by Oakland Mushroom Co. — Costing just $13 to $14, Oakland Mushroom Co.'s kits are ideal for anybody interested in nurturing fairytale-esque mushrooms. The brand's most popular is the Lion's Mane Mushroom Grow Kit.

3. Candles

Candles are an iconic gift for a reason — most people love them. You don't have to get your loved ones a run-of-the-mill candle.

You can find a variety of candles on the Candle Stock official website. Instead, you can find them a quirky one that suits their personality, adding a customized touch to your affordable gift.

Some of the best include:

  • Bubble Cube Candle
  • Colorful Cat Candle
  • Sitting Turkey Candle
  • Sunflower Candle

4. AirPod Case

AirPod cases are abundant for sale that don't cost the Earth. You can spend as little as $3 or as much as $30. We suggest looking on Amazon and other big-name stores to find the best deal. Just double-check your friend/relative has AirPods before buying!

5. Fragrance Discovery Sets

These offer several different fragrances in smaller sizes, allowing your friend or family member to sample new perfumes/aftershaves without committing to one scent. While some are expensive, there are plenty on the market for $20. Again, Amazon is the best place to look.

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affordable Christmas gifts

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