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Must See Popular Annual Christmas Events In Jacksonville, FL

Finding your fair share of Christmas events in Jacksonville, FL might very well be what you need for this holiday season. While the warm Florida weather might not be quite as synonymous with Christmas as the North Pole, this city knows how to celebrate the holidays right!

Each and every year Florida hosts some of the best annual Christmas events in Jacksonville, FL, the kinds of events that have put the city on the map as being filled with holiday cheer.

If you live in Jacksonville or are going to be in the area over the holidays, you’ll find these following annual hotspots worthy of a spot on your Christmas calendar.

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The Best Christmas Events In Jacksonville, FL

1. St. Johns Town Center Holiday Spectacular

Celebrating more than fifteen years as the “holiday kickoff” event in Jacksonville, the Holiday Spectacular at St. John’s Town Center really gets the holiday rolling.

This event happens right after Thanksgiving every year, giving “Turkey Day” plenty of room before the holiday music and decorations pop up.

Be sure to check out the beautiful tree, the fireworks display, and give kids a chance to visit with Santa, too. 

christmas carol by the Alhambra Theater in Jacksonville, FL

2. The Alhambra Theatre And Dining Presents A Christmas Carol

No Christmas season is complete without enjoying the legendary Charles Dickens story “A Christmas Carol”. This is a live-action version put on by the Alhambra Theater, a musical that is fit for people of all ages with plenty of numbers that involve the Christmas crowd, too.

3. Dazzling Nights

Dazzling Nights is held at the Jacksonville Botanical Gardens, filling this beautiful space with all kinds of winter wonderland elements.

Millions and millions of twinkling lights, shimmering forests filled with winter decorations, and magical Christmas displays with North Pole elves, Santa, and his reindeer featuring prominently, too.

This is always one of the more popular annual Christmas events in Jacksonville, FL for a reason.

4. Jacksonville Holiday Market For Makers

Those that want to spend at least some of their holiday budget locally are going to want to check out the Jacksonville Holiday Market for Makers.

Held across at least one weekend in November (late November), this is one of the annual Christmas events in Jacksonville, FL featured at the Glass Factory downtown.

You’ll find all kinds of makers, creators, and small business owners with Christmas goods and gifts for sale in this pop-up style bazaar.

5. Deck The Chairs

This quickly became one of the most popular annual Christmas events in Jacksonville, with the Red Cross putting more than 40 of their lifeguard chairs out to be decorated along Jacksonville Beach.

Everybody gets an opportunity to get in on the decorating action, with Christmas music, hot chocolate, decoration, and tree lighting ceremonies, and a contest awarding someone the winner each year, too.

pete's bar jacksonville, fl

6. Pete’s Bar After Thanksgiving Day Celebration

One of the most long-standing annual Christmas events in Jacksonville, FL, Pete’s Bar has celebrated this Christmas tradition for more than 30 years.

Every year thousands of people flocked to this local watering hole on Neptune Beach after Thanksgiving, celebrating with a lot of food, a lot of music, and a lot of fun!

7. Christmas In The Cathedral District

Seeing the Cathedral District in Jacksonville all lit up is one of the most exciting parts of celebrating the holidays in this southern state.

You’ll see more than 150 Christmas trees lit up and fully decorated, but you’ll also see each and every one of the churches in the Cathedral District lit up, too.

It’s one of the best Christmas events in Jacksonville, FL you have to see for yourself to really appreciate!

8. Jacksonville Light Boat Parade

It’s tough to imagine any northern city putting together a Christmas event like this in the middle of December, but Jacksonville does it better than anybody else.

Another one of the more long-standing annual Christmas events in Jacksonville, FL, the Christmas Light Boat Parade has been happening for over 30 years, too.

Everyone is invited to join the float down the North and South banks of the St. Johns River. There’s no real set time to start or finish the parade, but the party goes on all day long. There’s a pop-up with Christmas shopping available near the parade, too.

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Have A Joyful And Stress-Free Christmas

The Christmas events in Jacksonville, FL are enough to make your holiday season a very joyful one! So, make sure to mark these events on your calendar to enjoy every one of them.

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