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How Does an Eviction Hurt Your Credit?

Evictions are scary and traumatizing. If you've ever been evicted from your home, you know how uncertain and frightening the process can feel. If you're facing the threat of eviction, you may be wondering how does an eviction hurt your credit?

An eviction itself won't be listed directly on your credit report. However, they can affect your credit score tremendously if you fail to pay any overdue balances still owed to the landlord or rental company. When these unpaid bills are sent to collections, they can be listed on a credit report. This is when online payday loans can help you dodge the worst scenario.

How Does An Eviction Hurt Your Credit?

An eviction situation can feel like being trapped between a rock and a hard place. You owe money to your landlord or rental company while also facing the eviction process. Not having enough money on hand to pay those remaining bills makes the whole situation stickier. That’s the answer to how does an eviction hurt your credit.

Luckily, there are options you can utilize that won't necessarily stop the eviction but can assist with any remaining money owed or potential dings to your credit. You may also be able to stop an eviction from appearing on your public records altogether.

A few ways to stop an eviction from hurting your credit score include:

  • Securing a loan to repay any remaining debts owed to the landlord.
  • Contesting the eviction by petitioning the court (in the event that you win the case, the judge can expunge the eviction from your public records)
  • Understanding the specifics of how your landlord handles evictions as described in your rental agreement (make sure you know whether or not your landlord followed proper protocol when issuing your eviction notice)

Having this knowledge on hand during the eviction process protects you during and after the eviction. In some cases, you can contest the fairness of the eviction and have it removed from your records.

When you aren’t able to get an eviction removed from your public records, you can protect your credit score from affecting your future by quickly paying those remaining debts still owed to the landlord.

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How Can an Online Payday Loan Help During an Eviction?

How does an eviction hurt your credit? We know the eviction itself doesn't–any cash owed to the landlord prior to the eviction is what negatively impacts a credit report. To solve the problem, consider online payday loans to help pay any remaining fees and bills quickly.

The approval process for online payday loans is fast and simple. Since the process isn’t drawn out or tedious, it’s an option for handling your unpaid bills to the landlord prior to an eviction.

What Are Online Payday Loans?

Online payday loans are unique from other loan types in a few different aspects. For example, online payday loans:

  • Boast a quick online application process that can be initiated at home.
  • Are easy for folks with poor credit or nonexistent credit history to get.
  • Pay out to your bank account within a day or so of approval.

To secure online payday loans in Florida, you’ll need a few basics to get the process started:

  • A personal device, such as a computer or smartphone.
  • Internet access.
  • Proof of income.
  • Proof of your age (you’ll need to be 18 or older to apply).
  • A checking account.

While the approval process begins online, you’ll be contacted by a loan agent to complete the rest of the process in person.

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Where Can I Secure an Online Payday Loan to Help with My Eviction Debts?

If online payday loans sound like an option for your needs, then you can acquire yours today through Fast Payday Loans, Inc., a Florida-based direct lender. Fast Payday Loans, Inc. can help you secure a payday loan up to $1,000 in as little as 30 minutes.

Simply fill out the online form on the website and wait for your nearest Florida-based representative to contact you and schedule a meeting. When you meet with the representative, bring along the following items:

  • A government-issued ID.
  • A blank check.
  • Your most recent pay stub.

The loan representative will inspect your documents. If you are approved, you can complete the final paperwork with the loan agent. You can then receive your cash the very same day.

Final Thoughts: How Does an Eviction Hurt Your Credit?

Knowing the answer to how does an eviction hurt your credit can make a tough situation a little easier. By arming yourself with knowledge (and a plan to get those unpaid bills handled quickly), you can move forward through the process a little more smoothly.

While securing an online payday loan to handle any bills owed to the landlord won’t stop the eviction process, it’ll ensure you’re in good shape for the long haul. Dings on your credit report can impact your lending and spending power long after the eviction is complete.

Rather than allowing an eviction to affect your future goals and spending abilities, handle those unpaid debts to the landlord quickly to make eviction a little less difficult. Submit your online form today to get your payday loan near me process started. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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