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Quick Approval, Fast Funds: Exploring Financial Relief Loans

When you're in an emergency monetary situation, stress is running the show; you can barely think straight due to the impending bill payments. But financial relief loans are here to change that.

Whether you opt for payday loans, ask friends and family, or take out a HELOC, you aren't on your own in your economic struggle. Fast Payday Loans, Inc. in Florida can provide you with financial reflief. Read on to learn more about the types of loans that can help your situation.


5 Types of Financial Relief Loans

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1. Friends and Family

Technically speaking, this isn't a financial relief loan in the official sense of the word. However, it can be most impactful if your friends and family are in a financial position to help you out.

Granted, asking them can be embarrassing or awkward. But you should know that your loved ones won't want to see you in distress and will try to assist you if they can.

The main thing to remember when asking friends or family for money is to write out a clear contract. It should detail how much they're providing, how you'll pay it back, and when you'll pay it back. Be as specific as possible to ensure you're both on the same page and leave little room for misunderstandings.

Relationships are only thwarted through the lending/borrowing of money when they aren't backed by steadfast contracts. On top of that, ensure both you and your loved one sign it. This may seem rather informal, but it provides an extra layer of protection for both sides of the deal.


2. 0% Interest Credit Card

If you can open or already have a 0% interest credit card that is still within its introduction APR term, you can use it to relieve your current financial burden.

That said, you need to ensure you repay the balance before your 0% term expires. Otherwise, you'll foot a costly bill! Luckily, most cards boast interest-free borrowing for the first nine to 21 months (about 2 years); it just depends on your provider.


3. Title Loans

Title loans are secured by equity in your car. Otherwise called a "pink slip loan," they allow you to borrow cash quickly based on the value of your vehicle. So, the more your car, truck, or van is worth, the more you can borrow.

Most repayment periods run between 15 and 30 days. Unlike long-term loans, it tends to be a single-payment option, with only some providers offering installment repayment plans.



If you own your home and have built up substantial equity, you could qualify for a HELOC (home equity line of credit). It's a revolving line of credit from which you can take out funds for a predetermined timeframe, paying it back in the years that follow.


5. Payday Loans

Lastly, you can get payday loans. These short-term loans are perhaps the most popular financial relief loans, giving you access to quick approvals and fast funds when you need them most — no hard-to-meet criteria here.

Unlike traditional bank loans, you won't need to have a good credit score. Instead, you just need to have the following items:

  • A government-issued identification (e.g., driver's license, passport, student ID card, or military ID card);
  • Your most recent pay stub; and
  • A blank check from a checking account open in your name.

With the requirements to hand, you can follow the steps below to get a payday loan from your nearest branch:

  1. Complete the form found on this website.
  2. Wait for us to call you to discuss the requirements and the process.
  3. After that, head to your nearest payday loan storefront with your documents.
  4. We'll analyze your documents to decide whether you qualify.
  5. If you're happy with the amount, we will tell you where to sign the paperwork to confirm your agreement with the terms and conditions.
  6. Finally, we will process everything and release funds on the same or the following business day.

If you would rather not come into the store, you can get a payday loan from us at Fast Payday Loans, Inc. over the phone by following these steps:

  1. Fill out the online form.
  2. Wait for us to call. Make sure you have the documents to hand at this stage since everything will be completed during the conversation.
  3. Once we've verified your required items, we'll guide you through the final stages, including straightforward paperwork.
  4. Finally, you'll receive the money on the same or the following business day.


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Benefit from Quick Loan Approval with Fast Payday Loans, Inc. Now!

These financial relief loans will take the monetary burden of unexpected occurrences of your shoulders. From credit cards to HELOCs to payday loans, you're in convenient hands. If you've decided a payday loan is right for you, complete our online inquiry form and we'll be in touch as soon as possible!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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