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5 Money Gift Ideas for Mom this Mother's Day

March 23, 2018 | By Mason Roberts

Easter is over and it’s time to start getting ready for Mother’s Day, a holiday where we have the opportunity to show our moms how much we appreciate them. This is the perfect time to reward dear old mom for all she’s done for us and everything she still continues to do.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is This Mother's Day

As we get older, life tends to throw some unwanted curve balls our way, especially in the way of finances. If your mom ever needed to search for a “payday loan” to get through a rough patch, a gift centered on finance could be the perfect choice for her this year. After all, she’s the one who probably taught you how to manage your money! Now it’s time to give something back, even if it’s simply planting a financial seed that has the potential to grow. Here are 6 money-related gift ideas for mom this Mother’s Day.

Start a Fund

If your mom wants to take a vacation or a cruise but doesn’t have the money to do it, perhaps you could start a “dream fund” for her. You could even both save up to take a trip together. Put some money in an envelope and mark “dream fund” on the front. You could pin it to a board and add a few pics of the destination you guys are saving for motivation. This is a small, yet kind financial gesture that’s sure to make mom smile this Mother’s Day.

Buy Her a Share of Her Favorite Company

Another clever money-themed gift idea you could give mom is stock in a company she really loves. You could even buy one that’s gift-ready with a framed certificate so she can proudly display her devotion to her favorite company. And who knows, maybe the stock will prove to be a big financial payout for mom down the road.

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Donate to Her Favorite Charity

Maybe there’s a charity out there that pulls on your mom’s heartstrings. Pick a charity that you know your mother strongly supports and make a donation in her name. She will be touched that you did something so generous and thoughtful on her behalf by helping others in need. Remember, giving is more than making a donation – it’s making a difference.

Pay a Few of Her Bills This Month

If nothing else, you could always give mom a helping hand this month with the bills. Pay a few bills for her so she can use that extra money to pamper herself this Mother’s Day. Even paying the smaller bills can be a big help.

Pay a Financial Advisor to Meet With Mom

If mom is struggling with her finances, a consultation with a finance professional could be of great benefit to her. It costs money for a certified financial planner’s time, but it would be money well-spent on mom. A CFP could help her develop strategies to maximize her savings, investments and retirement plan in one meeting. Shop around for a reputable CFP near you and see how they could help your mom build a sound financial future.


Give the Gift of Money with a Twist This Mother's Day

Flowers wither, brunch is brief, and many gifts go unused. This year, give your mom a gift that will stand the test of time by providing her with a stepping stone towards a better financial future. Even the smallest bit of help could be huge in the eyes of your mother. No matter which money gift you choose to go with, your mother will be sure to love it.