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The 9 Best West Coast of Florida Beaches and Cities

Summer is here and it is time to go to the beach. This list includes some of the best west coast of Florida beaches. Some of these are in southern Florida, while some are along the panhandle on the Emerald Coast.

West Coast Of Florida Beaches You Can’t Miss

If you are planning a beach trip in Florida soon, consider checking out some of these destinations.

1. St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach is one of the most gorgeous of all the west coast beaches. This is just down the road from Clearwater Beach. It is hard to beat any of the beaches on Florida’s west coast, but this might be the best.

2. Siesta Key

Siesta Key is a romantic beach destination just south of Sarasota. This is an island eight miles long that is famous for having resorts, nightlife, shopping, and restaurants. You can relax on the white sand beach and enjoy the calm blue water.

3. Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach is the farthest west of all the panhandle beaches on this list. It is just over a half hour east of the famous Flora-Bama beach bar, and it is a popular tourist destination because it offers everything from shopping to fishing to fine dining.

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4. Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is most famous for being a spring break destination for college students. This is not all there is to see and do in Panama City though.

Like the rest of the Gulf Coast, this is a laid-back town for the rest of the year. The beach is twenty-seven miles long, so you can always find a secluded section for yourself. There is also an artificial reef that provides wonderful snorkeling opportunities.

5. Marco Island

Marco Island is at the southern end of Florida’s gulf coast, and it is a fabulous destination for beach lovers. This is close to Naples and has its own boardwalk, while also being home to the Briggs Nature Center.

6. Lido Key

Another one of the west coast of Florida beaches that you should see is Lido Key. This is just a little bit west of Sarasota, and it has a reputation for being a hub of ecotourism. There are also opportunities for deep sea fishing and sunset cruises, as well as street performers and a world class beach resort.

7. Honeymoon Island

Honeymoon Island is a little bit to the north of Clearwater Beach. It has the same stunning white sand beaches, just in a more remote setting. Honeymoon Island is a favorite spot for locals to go when they feel that Clearwater Beach is getting just a little bit too busy.

Honeymoon Island is also a great place to go kayaking on the ocean, and to pursue other water sport activities.

8. Destin

Destin is famous for being an ideal vacation spot in Florida for families to go to. This is situated along Florida’s “Emerald Coast”, along the Florida Panhandle. This is an absolutely fantastic place to rent a condo for a week or two and relax on the beach while maybe taking a swim every now and then or going snorkeling.

9. Clearwater Beach

This is not just one of the best west coast of Florida beaches, this might be one of the best beaches in the entire world. Clearwater Beach is one of the most popular beaches in America, because it has a beautiful combination of silky white sand, and a nice small-town atmosphere. If there is one beach to visit in all of Florida, it is Clearwater Beach.

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Final Thoughts

When you plan your next beach trip in Florida, consider checking out some of these west coast of Florida beaches. Have fun and stay safe.

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