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Quirky Traditions You Will Find Only During Christmas In Florida

Florida has quite the reputation for being quirky, and Christmas in Florida is no exception. In the land of crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, there are certainly a lot of unique traditions during the holiday season. In fact, if you wanted your holiday plans to be unique this year, there is no better place to celebrate than in Florida. Here are some of the quirkiest holiday traditions you’ll only find in Florida this year.

Here Are Some Ways To Have A Unique Christmas In Florida

Things like Seafood Christmas dinners, events like Surf with Santas, wacky lights, displays, and decorations are just some of the unique holiday traditions that make this a wonderful place to spend the holidays. There are a lot of interesting traditions you’ll find only in Florida during the holiday season, and the rest of this article will cover some of the most bizarre and downright hilarious traditions you’ll see if you visit Florida at Christmas.

Seafood Dinners

You might be used to seeing things like turkey, chicken, or ham at Christmas. In fact, these traditional Christmas meats are common sights in many households across the US. Traditional beef and chicken roasts are certainly popular entrees in Florida, but you’ll also find many households substitute the traditional meal for a seafood feast, reflecting Florida’s strong connection with the ocean and the beach life vibe that permeates the state.

Deck The Chairs

What could be more Christmas in Florida than decorating the most random objects for Christmas? The Deck the Chairs event in Jacksonville is a celebration of Florida’s culture as many local businesses create vibrant light displays along an arrangement of red lifeguard chairs. Not only that but also any sales made at the event go towards supporting local charities. So you get the chance to see some unique lifeguard chairs and donate to charity all at one event.

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Surf With Santas

There’s perhaps nothing more iconic than seeing Santa depicted with all his gear in a picturesque snowy scene. Well, you can just forget the traditional image of Santa in Florida. The annual Surf with Santas event, held on Christmas Eve in Central Florida, is quite the spectacle to behold. This event features thousands of costumed Santas in various levels of Santa garb to surf the coast. The event even rewards a custom surfboard to the costume with the most Santa-esque surfer depicted.

Santa Looks A Little Different

Another Florida-exclusive tradition involves all the ways Santa is represented in different parts of the state. For example, in Apalachicola, good old Saint Nick cruises into town on a shrimp boat the day after Thanksgiving. Down in Florida’s Marine Sanctuary, you might see Santa appear dressed in full scuba gear to delight the kids. The most adventurous Santa appearance, however, has to go to the one in Cocoa Beach, who makes his appearance skydiving down to greet kids on the beach.

Festive Wear

Sure, Floridians may not have many occasions to go full winter wear with long sweaters, comfy sweatpants, and a cozy blanket, but that doesn’t mean Floridians don’t dress with the holiday spirit. You’ll still see plenty of holiday spirit during Christmas in Florida with the way they dress. Shorts, flip-flops, and sundresses adorned with festive colors, images, and designs are all part of the Christmas spirit down south.

There’s Snow Way

If you’re vacationing in Florida, the last thing you’d expect to see is snow. But, as it turns out, there are a few places in the state that recreate the white Christmas in Florida that northerners are all too familiar with. Snowfest in Naples, for example, pumps well over a thousand ice blocks through a chipper to make some lovely feathery snow for all to enjoy. Floridians enjoy snowball fights, building snowmen, and even hitting the slopes on the toboggan.

Once they’re done enjoying the artificial winter wonderland, Floridians can head over to the beach to enjoy Florida’s gorgeous white sands. After all, they wouldn’t want to get too chilly playing out in the snow, now would they? So, if you are used to a white Christmas and are worried you’ll miss out on that in Florida, it turns out that you don’t have to worry about that at all. You can still get the snow you are used to.

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Enjoy A Unique Christmas In Florida This Year

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