A Christmas tree on a beach reflects things to do in Florida during winter.

8 Fun Things To Do In Florida During Winter (For Florida Residents)

When thinking of things to do in Florida during winter, beaches and Disneyworld always come to mind; however, winter in Florida also offers incredible wildlife, Christmas lights, fruit festivals, and much more.

If you’re living in Florida this winter, there’s plenty to do to enjoy your home state. Since FL can take more than 9 hours to drive from north to south, we made sure to sprinkle our list with activities across the Sunshine State. In this article, we’ll dive into the following:

  • Manatee season
  • Christmas trees made of sand
  • Sporting events
  • FL Strawberry Festival
  • The best Christmas decorations
  • And more

What To Do During Winter In Florida

1. Snorkel With Manatees

From mid-November to March, you can swim with wild manatees at Crystal River, FL. These manatees find refuge in the river for breeding season, and you’ll see them clear as day underneath your fins as you swim around their nesting areas.

While the daytime temperatures may be warm, Florida winter will bring cooler river temperatures, which is why most shops supply wetsuits for all involved.

2. Check Out A 600-Ton Christmas Tree Made Of Sand

There are plenty of things to do in Florida during winter, but how unique is the experience of seeing a 600-ton tree made of sand? Those near West Palm Beach can see the sandy Christmas tree, accurately named Sandi, on the Great Lawn.

The tree is over 35 feet tall and has incredible light shows with synchronized music from 6 to 10 pm every night in December. The area also boasts over 100 tons of sand sculptures and lights on local buildings and trees.

3. Road Trip To The Seven Mile Bridge

While it may be a long road trip, why not take a long weekend and head to see one of the world’s longest bridges – the Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys.

As part of Route 1, this bridge is more than 35,000 feet long and also hosts a pedestrian/cycling alternative route. While you’re in the Keys, you can enjoy temperatures in the mid-70s, mostly sunny days, fishing, relaxing, and plenty more.

4. Enjoy The Florida Strawberry Festival

Florida’s annual Strawberry Festival is located in Plant City, known as the strawberry capital of the world. It has live music, art, crafts, and delicious food in March, right at the tail-end of winter. With a combination of free entertainment and ticket-entry concerts, there is something to enjoy for everyone.

A stocking on a beach reflects things to do in Florida during winter.

5. Visit St. Augustine’s Nights of Lights

As the oldest city in America, St. Augustine is a wonder to visit any time of year, but it’s especially magical during winter in Florida. The city displays millions of tiny lights throughout the area, including trolley tours, home tours, and lighted boat races.

6. Catch A Hockey Game

Don’t let the state’s sun fool you – the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team won two of the last three Stanley Cup finals. You can also check out the Florida Panthers in Miami or the Pensacola Ice Flyers up north.

7. Enjoy Surfing Santas On Cocoa Beach

Forget Santacon – Florida hosts an even better Surfing Santas event on Cocoa Beach every December for a truly Florida Winter. Things begin bright and early on Christmas Eve with hundreds of Santa-dressed surfers hitting the waves. There’s even a costume contest!

8. See The Daytona 500

NASCAR’s most prestigious race, the Daytona 500, is held annually in mid-February. Whether or not you’re into NASCAR, this is an event everyone in Florida should attend at least once in their lives. The ambiance of the crowd is thrilling, and you’ll surely have a blast with whoever you go with!

Activities For A Florida Winter When You’re Low On Cash

For those on a tighter budget, we recommend checking out your city’s cultural or programming calendar for plenty of free and fun things to do in Florida during winter. You can also head to local markets, check your library’s bulletin board or website, and volunteer to get the most out of your winter.

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Set Yourself Up For A Fun Florida Winter

Don’t let the winter pass you by without creating unique memories this year. We all know Florida summers can be hot and humid, so it’s truly the time to get out there and enjoy winter in Florida. Whether you’re swimming with wildlife, surfing, or enjoying the Christmas sights, you’ll have a blast with anything on this list of things to do in Florida during winter.

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