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Summer Money Saving Tips For Your Florida Vacation

Planning a Florida vacation is super fun, but it can be stressful too. After all, vacations are far from being cheap, though there are some ways that you can save money. If you want to save as much as possible while planning your Florida vacation, check out the 7 summer money-saving tips below.

7 Summer Money Saving Tips For Your Fun Florida Vacation

1. Plan Ahead and Save Early

One of the best summer money saving tips you’ll hear from an advisor is to plan as early as possible and to start saving early. The earlier you plan and save, the more time you will have to build up your budget and find great deals. Not to mention, booking vacation activities and housing is a lot cheaper if it is further out. The closer you get to the date at hand, the more expensive the prices will be due to competition. Even booking your vacation accommodations five months in advance can save you a whole lot of money.

1. Create a Budget

Whenever you first begin planning for your Florida vacation, create a budget. Your budget should include prepaid items, as well as expenses you will spend while on the trip itself. Create a budget that is realistic for both the destination and your financial state.

2. Be Flexible

Another one of the most frequently recommended summer money saving tips is to be flexible. If you go into the planning phase with a mind of flexibility, you will get to plan a vacation based on affordability. If you aren’t flexible, you won’t be able to shop around for deals.

3. Don’t Only Hit Tourist Hot Spots

While you are planning, make sure that you aren’t just hitting tourist spots. These highly popular areas are the most expensive because they can be. They know that tourists will flock here, even if the prices are high. If you look at less popular destinations, you will be able to find more affordable accommodations and activities. Plus, these sorts of activities are simply more fun because you get to go off the beaten trail and experience Florida on your own.

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4. Look For Free Activities

Florida is home to some of the most beautiful sights and fun attractions. Although it may be tempting to splurge on all of the activities that Florida has to offer, specifically look for free activities. At the very least, look for activities that have coupons and deals. The great thing about Florida is that you will not be short of options. Because of the natural scenery in this state, you will definitely be able to keep yourself entertained, even if you don’t spend much money on the activities themselves.

5. Utilize Credit Card Rewards

Once it comes time to actually pay for some of your Florida vacation, make sure to utilize credit card rewards. Credit card rewards are a great way to pay your vacation bill without feeling it. Instead, you simply use the rewards you built up throughout the year to pay these necessary vacation funds.

6. Make Your Own Food

The last major tip for saving money while on your Florida vacation is to make your own food. Many people end up eating away at their vacation budget due to food alone. This is largely because 80% of the food is purchased at restaurants, not bought at a grocery store and then prepared at home. Think about it this way. On average, Americans spent $33 a day on food while on vacation. You could easily make meals for less than $10 a day if you shop for the ingredients and then prepare them yourself. Just making your meals at home can save you a whole lot of money, especially if you have multiple people going on vacation.

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