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How To Plan a Great Thanksgiving While Spending Less

Thanksgiving is one of the most important dinners of the year. Everyone gathers around the table and enjoys the company of family, friends, and good food.

However, there is always a certain pressure surrounding this event. The meal needs to be exemplary, there needs to be enough for everyone and you can never know if there will be more friends who simply decide to show up.

This is why Thanksgiving can become pricey and a financial burden. Nevertheless, there are many ways to stay on a budget and still enjoy the day next to your loved ones, with a table full of goodies. Here are a few steps that will help you achieve a great Thanksgiving while spending less.

Use These Tips To Plan A Great Thanksgiving

1. Plan Ahead

Start by planning the Thanksgiving meal but also the meals for a few days before and after.

Write down everything and calculate the exact amount of ingredients that you will need. Factor in all the treats and take into consideration the fact that children may require separate planning.

2. Take Advantage Of Leftovers

Thanksgiving dinner can affect your budget for the days ahead. To avoid running on fumes in the days following it, plan for how to use the leftovers and incorporate any new recipes in the initial meal plan.

As an example, the turkey carcass can be the base for a hearty soup that your family will definitely love.

3. Use Everything You Already Have In Your Pantry

We all have a pantry or a freezer or a cupboard of forgotten items.

After creating a meal plan for an entire week, or even better, for 10 days, start inspecting your pantry and your freezer. You might find at least some of the products that you intended to buy.

Write down what you have, in which quantity, and what the expiration day is. This way you will probably cut some costs and you will also make a bit of room in your pantry.

4. Specify Your Shopping List

Shopping lists are probably the most important money-saving tool.

Around the holidays, supermarkets will use different techniques to get people to buy more than they need just to drive sales. Having a shopping list that omits everything that you already have and that fits your needs to the letter, is a great way to stay organized and not get distracted by all the offers.

Also, set a budget for random stuff. Everyone wants to be allowed to spend something extra, but if you set an exact budget for this you are likely to stick to it.

5. Don’t Shop While You Are Hungry

Going shopping while hungry is a big – and costly – mistake. You should always go shopping with a full belly. You’ve probably heard this before and you might have even tested it a few times.

However, when trying to prepare for Thanksgiving on a budget, you will need to make sure that you stick to the list that you created. Since you will be shopping for food, you will feel the need to buy more if you are hungry.


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