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6 Top-Rated New Year Trip Destinations: Must-Visit Places In Florida

New Year is a time for celebration, and there's no better way to celebrate than getting out and about. The problem is choosing exactly where to go. After all, there are loads of destinations to pick from. But fear not, we're here to narrow down your options.

Whether your home state is Florida or you're looking to go somewhere different for the holidays, consider stopping at the six top-rated New Year locations in the sunny state we're divulging below.

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6 Top-Rated New Year Destinations In Florida

1. Orlando

Yes, Orlando is one of the most popular, well-known places to visit in the state, particularly if you love Disney, thrills, and theme park magic. We would argue it's still the best location to ring in 2024. It's the Happiest Place on Earth!

During the day, Islands of Adventures has plenty of "grown up" rides for you to enjoy, while ensuring there's still tons for kids to do. When night falls, go wherever you please; there's always something going on, such as:

  • Epcot party
  • Dance party at Frontierland
  • The castle fireworks at Magic Kingdom during the countdown to midnight.

Once the children hop to bed, you can attend the Icebar Masquerade's adult-only New Year's Eve festivities. As the name suggests, everything is made of ice!

2. Panama City

You can ring in the new year twice on the same night at Panama City Beach, making it perfect for those with young children who can't make it to midnight. Head to the Pier Park at 8 pm for the Beach Ball Drop — over 10,000 inflatable balls drop from nets hung above the streets. And you can enjoy fireworks afterward with the whole family.

Following that, you'll be able to enjoy live music and entertainment while you get ready to see the glowing beach ball drop during the countdown. Of course, they end the night with another fireworks display.

3. St. Augustine

Considered the oldest city in the US, St. Augustine is an absolute gem. Boasting gorgeous Spanish colonial architecture, it's certainly a unique presence in a state most famous for its modern cities.

As for New Year celebrations, they don't wait to start the party. You can have fun on the beach all day. Kicking off at St. Johns County Pier for the Beach Blast Off, the event hosts over 30 food vendors, a Kids' Zone, and an alcoholic drinks tent.

4. Tallahassee

The often-forgotten state capital knows how to celebrate the new year, providing options for people wanting a raucous party and an intimate occasion. For the latter, head to KitchenAble Cooking School for a ten-course candlelit meal. For the former, got to Mint Lounge. It's an open bar party complete with a live DJ.

5. Tampa

Believe it or not, Tampa is one of the best destinations to ring in the new year, especially Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. It blares through the park as you count down to midnight followed by a jaw-dropping fireworks show and after-dark rollercoaster rides.

6. Amelia Island

Located in Nassau County, Amelia Island knows exactly how to party. It hosts an upscale black and white gala that shouldn't be missed. It's only for adults and offers an open bar, incredible buffets, fireworks, live music, and a champagne toast.


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