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Fun Facts About Money You've Never Heard Of

Money plays such a big role in our lives, but because it’s so common we tend to take it for granted. But it actually has an interesting back story. How is it made, how much is it out there, and what exactly has that bunch of $1 in your wallet go through? Here are some fun facts about money that will change the way you see your cash.

It’s Expensive To Make Money

Did you know that the cost of making a penny is 2.4 cents? And that every single day, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing uses 9.7 tons of ink in order to print new currency? As Warren Buffet said, you need to spend money to make money!

However, it’s actually more cost-effective to produce paper bills than coins. $1 and $2 only cost 5.6 cents for each note, and even the $100 only costs 13.2 cents per note.

It’s A Germ Hotel

Biologists from New York University identified over 3,000 types of bacteria on dollar bills from a bank in Manhattan. That’s even more than what you’d find on a toilet seat!

And what’s even scarier is that these microorganisms are linked to food poisoning, pneumonia, acne, gastric ulcers, staph infections, and other dangerous diseases.

Several other studies replicated the NYU tests — and one of them even found traces of cocaine on 80% of the bills they swabbed. In some states, they found that 100% of the bills tested had some form of drugs. Now that’s definitely one of the fun facts about money we didn’t expect to see!

Bills Have Different Life Expectancy

Bills are folded, crumpled into pockets, and generally take a lot of handling and abuse. No wonder most bills only last about 15 years before they have to be removed from circulation. And some of them—like the $1—change hands so frequently that they usually only take about 6 years of wear and tear before being “retired.”

But here’s one of the most interesting fun facts about money: the higher the value of the bill, the longer it tends to last. The $20 and $50 tend to last about 8 or 9 years, while the $100 can hold out for 15 years.

They’re made from the same material, so we’re guessing their longer lifespans are due to how they’re handled. Nobody forgets to take out $100 from their jeans before throwing it in the washing machine.

You Can See Hidden Portraits

To discourage counterfeiting, money will often have intricate designs—including faint second portraits that you only see when holding it up to the light. For example, if you look at the $100, you’ll see Benjamin Franklin peeking through the right side.

Your Money Glows

Here’s one of the more “colorful” fun facts about money! One of the most important anti-counterfeiting measures is the security thread that’s embedded into each bill.

And here’s the cool part: the threads are color-coded. If you have a UV light, you can check it out yourself. The $5 thread is blue, the $10 is orange, the $20 is green, the $50 is yellow, and the $100 is pink.

Paper Money Isn’t Really Paper

Here's one of the fun facts about money that most people don't know. While we like to call bills “paper money” they’re actually made of about 75% cotton and 25% linen, which are water-resistant and more durable.

The Biggest Bill Is Worth $10,000

Since 1969, the US’s maximum denomination has been $100. However, in the 1930s, the government actually printed Gold Certificates worth $100,000.

While considered legal tender, this gold certificate wasn’t in public use, however—it was only used for transactions between Federal Reserve banks before the age of digital transfers. However, these bills are now worth so much more among private collectors.

There’s $1.7 Trillion Out There

As of 2019, a total of $1.7 trillion worth of U.S. currency is in official circulation. That includes an estimated $1.64 trillion in Federal Reserve notes.

However, about two-thirds of the total currency is actually circulated abroad. That includes countries like Guam and Ecuador, which use US dollars as their own official currency.


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