Hispanics in Florida

9 Awesome Facts About Latinos And Hispanics In Florida

From the early 1500s to today, Latinos and Hispanics have made a significant impact on the culture of Florida. The influence thrives in the business community and in vibrant neighborhoods, in politics and music, and in food. Here’s a snapshot of some of the most interesting facts about the legacy of Latinos and Hispanics in Florida that continues to this day.

Learn These Interesting Facts About Hispanics In Florida

1. They Make Up A Significant Part Of The Population

Of the 21.8 million Floridians, nearly 27% identify as Hispanic or Latino. Hispanics in Florida represent the third largest population in the United States after California and Texas. About 50% of the country’s entire Hispanic population calls one of those three states home. Latinos in Florida are the second-largest ethnic and racial group in the state, after non-Hispanic white Floridians.

2. Latinos In Florida Are Diverse, Young, And Mostly Female

Those of Cuban descent are the largest ancestry group among Latinos in the state at 28%, followed by Puerto Ricans at 21%, South Americans at 18%, and Mexicans at 14%. That differs from the overall population of Latinos in the United States, with 62% identifying as Mexican.

With an average age of 35 years old, Latinos in Florida are younger than the rest of the state’s population, which is, on average, 42 years old. However, they are older than the average age of Latinos in the United States overall. Most of the Latinos in Florida living in cities including Orlando, Miami, and Tampa are female. In fact, a full 60% of the Latino population in Orlando are female.

3. They Come From A Variety Of Countries

While there are large Cuban and Puerto Rican populations, Hispanics in Florida come from numerous areas in Latin America, including Argentina, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Colombia. All told, over 20% of Florida’s population was born outside of the United States. Among Latinos in Florida, 52% are native-born while 48% are foreign-born.

4. They Are Strong Members Of The Business Community

Florida is second only to New Mexico in the number of Hispanic-owned businesses. Hispanics in Florida run around 24% of businesses in the state, currently higher than in Texas. Since 1990, the purchasing power of Hispanics in Florida has soared nearly 1,000% to over $250 billion.

5. They Have A Long History In The State

Florida became a Spanish colony in 1513 when explorer Ponce de León arrived on the Eastern coast, establishing itself as a Spanish-speaking area. Cubans came to the state in three different waves, starting as early as the late 19th century, then in the 1960s, and then through the 1980s.

6. They Had A Major Role In Shaping Miami

In the 1950s, Miami was still a relatively small vacation town. Cuban Americans transformed it into the cosmopolitan city it is today, with the Cuban population of the greater Miami area now totaling over 800,000. In 1994, Hispanics in Florida cheered when Miami hosted the Summit of the Americas, which welcome the heads of all Latin American nations and the United States.

7. Numerous Hispanic Festivals Are Held In The State

When it comes to celebrating the culture, Hispanics in Florida make sure to go all out. From Fiesta Day in Ybor City in February and the Cuban Sandwich Festival in Tampa in March to Hispanic Heritage Season in September, there’s a Hispanic and Latino flavor to festivals held throughout the year in the state.

Latinos in Florida

8. Many Members Of Congress From Florida Are Hispanic

Hispanics in Florida actually take up various positions in Congress. Marco Rubio, who is of Cuban descent, is one of Florida’s current senators. Those presently serving in the House of Representatives from Florida include Mario Díaz-Balart (Cuban), Brian Mast (Mexican), and Carlos Giménez (Cuban).

9. They Are A Part Of The LGBTQ Community

Another interesting fact in this guide about Latinos in Florida is their involvement in the LGBTQ community found all around the state of Florida. Hispanics in Florida make up 30% of Florida’s LGBTQ population, significantly higher when compared to the rest of the United States (21%).

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Learn Some Awesome Facts About Hispanics In Florida

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