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7 Helpful Ways For Paying For Childcare In Florida

How much does it cost to pay for childcare in Florida? $770. That’s how much infant care costs on average in Florida.

According to the Florida Policy Institute, infant care in the state is nearly 90% more than in-state tuition for a Florida four-year college.

And paying for childcare as infants grow isn’t much easier. On average, childcare for a 4-year-old in the state is around $607 per month, which is nearly $7,300 a year.

But there are ways for Floridians to get some relief when it comes to paying for childcare. Here are six of the best ways you can pursue assistance today.

7 Ways To Pay For Childcare In Florida

1. Florida School Readiness Program

Through this Florida state government program, low-income families may be eligible for financial assistance with childcare and early childhood education as one or more parents are training for employment or pursuing work that will help make them self-sufficient financially.

Different services are offered via the School Readiness Program based on the length of care needed, the age of the children, and the specific needs of families.

Emotional and physical wellbeing is another component of the program, which offers screenings for physical, social, and intellectual development and offers referrals to both education and health specialists if needed.

2. The Child Care And Development Fund

This federal program is available for either primary caregivers or parents with children who are younger than 13 (or younger than 19 if the child is under the supervision of the court or not capable of caring for themselves).

It aids those who are determined to be very low income or low income and to qualify you must be either employed or in an education or training program.

3. Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

Federal grant funds fuel this program across many states, supporting programs that offer childcare assistance.

Florida’s TANF program is available to residents who are either underemployed or unemployed, as well as have a low income. To qualify, you must also have a child 18 or younger.

4. Florida Division Of Early Learning Programs

Paying for childcare is a big part of the state government’s Early Learning Division, which has different programs available throughout Florida counties.

For example, the Early Learning Coalition of Orange County offers programs that help families and children in low-income situations and takes donations from the community. Through the program, a $300 donation helps a child receive childcare for a year while parents are working or at school.

5. Seek Help From Friends And Family

Those who don’t qualify for assistance from grant programs have increasingly turned to support from family and friends with paying for childcare.

Having a family member take over care duties even once or twice a week can save money in the long run, and often grandparents have stepped up to take over childcare full time for grandchildren.

Another option is to begin a childcare cooperative with friends. For low (or no) cost, children among a group of friends rotate between participating homes for childcare each week, alleviating the financial burden of full-time care elsewhere.

Some friends and family members also trade babysitting duties throughout the week as another form of childcare.

6. Share A Nanny

Similar to childcare or babysitting co-ops, sharing a nanny and splitting the cost is another newly popular route if you need help paying for childcare.

Nanny shares mean the cost of childcare may go down significantly, and your child can still receive care in their own home or in the home of someone you trust.

7. Consider A Florida Payday Loan

Paying for childcare can be challenging even for those with full-time, well-paying jobs. A Florida payday loan offers an option for assistance when you face a financial emergency, such as being able to pay for childcare, between paychecks.

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Get Started Today

Childcare is a must-have for millions of Floridians, but it doesn’t have to be as expensive as it has become. A Florida payday loan can assist with major expenses such as childcare. Start the process online, visit us today, or give us a call to get started.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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