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How To Avoid Traffic Tickets Collections With A Payday Advance

People get traffic tickets. While nobody wants it to happen, it does. But you don’t want it sent to traffic tickets collections.

If you pay your traffic ticket on time, you may have to deal with the negative consequences of getting a traffic ticket. For example, higher insurance premiums, and potential suspension of your driving license if you keep stacking them up. However, at least it is paid off.

The problem is that if you don't pay off your traffic ticket, then you may face higher charges. This is because your traffic ticket will be sent to traffic tickets collections. Let’s explain what traffic tickets collection is and how a fast payday loan Florida can help you avoid it.

What Is Traffic Tickets Collections?

When you are issued a traffic ticket in Florida, you have 30 days to pay it. This is assuming that you do not appeal. If you fail to pay within 30 days, and do not lodge an appeal, then two things happen:

  • You have to pay more for the ticket.
  • Your driving license will be suspended.

From this point, you have 60 more days to make your payment. If you fail to make the payment, then your ticket will be sent to traffic tickets collections.

When your ticket is sent to traffic tickets collections, it will be sent to a private company to handle the debt collection. It will no longer be handled by the court.

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What Happens If You Don't Pay Your Ticket To Traffic Tickets Collections?

By the time your ticket is in the hands of the collection agency, your license will have been suspended. So, you won't be able to legally drive on the roads of Florida well before this point. Your main issue once the ticket goes to collections is the fact that you now have a rather hefty fee that you need to pay to the traffic tickets collections agency.

Trust us, they are going to be a lot keener to get their hands on the money than the court will. In fact, the collections agency will have a lot more power or determination than the court. Basically, you don't want your traffic ticket to go to traffic ticket collections.

Using A Payday Advance To Pay Your Traffic Ticket

First and foremost, we do want to point out that paying for your traffic ticket is going to be an admission of guilt. It is paying for your ticket that may lead to increased insurance premiums, etc.

Therefore, if you feel that you didn't do anything wrong, then you could appeal the ticket as soon as you can, within 30 days of receiving it. If you do not pay your ticket or appeal, then it could go to collections.

A payday advance or a Florida payday loan can be an option to prevent this from happening. Fast Payday Loans, Inc. in Florida can loan up to $1,000 through a payday advance.

A payday advance is a short-term loan. The idea is that you borrow cash to tide you over to your next payday. This means that the payday advance could be an option for paying the ticket and preventing it from going to traffic tickets collections, even if you do not have the cash available right now.

With Fast Payday Loans, Inc., you may not even have to be employed to secure a payday advance. We can also accept non-employed sources of income.

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Qualifying For A Payday Advance Through Fast Payday Loans, Inc.

If your traffic ticket is on the brink of being sent to collections, then you may need to look into options for paying off the ticket fast. One of these options could be a payday advance from Fast Payday Loans, Inc.

With us, you could potentially receive the money that you need to cover the cost of your ticket the very same day or the following business day. The inquiry process for the payday advance is simple too:

  • Fill in an inquiry form for an emergency payday loan.
  • Wait for one of our loan representatives to call you. This should normally happen within a few minutes.
  • After a short discussion on the phone, bring your government-issued ID, proof of income, and a blank check from an active checking account in your name to your local Fast Payday Loans, Inc. location.
  • The loan representative will review your documents to determine whether you qualify and how much you qualify for.
  • If approved, you will receive the money that you need on the same day or the following business day.

Pay For Traffic Tickets Even When You Can’t Afford Them

If your traffic ticket is on the cusp of being sent to traffic tickets collections, you shouldn’t let that happen. No one would want to deal with a collection agency and the additional fees that can be added to your ticket.

A payday advance could be an option to prevent this from happening, even when you don’t have the funds to pay for a ticket right now. Find out if you qualify today by filling in a payday advance inquiry form. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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