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Where To Find An Advance Payday Loan Expert Lender In Your Area

You can find an advance payday loan in your area pretty easily — all it takes is a quick Google search for countless results to appear on Google Maps.

However, once you've found your preferred lender, you need to consider whether you want to get a loan online or in-store. We only offer the in-store method at Fast Payday Loans, Inc. However, we'll go over both options for your convenience. 

Where to Find an Advance Payday Loan Near You


If you don't have time to head to your nearest payday loan branch, borrowing online is the best option. You can get a loan from the comfort of your very own home!

In this case, a loan representative from your chosen store will meet you at your preferred location. This can be your home, workplace, or another convenient place. All you have to do is set a time and date and have the documents ready to go when the lender arrives. 


This is the most common method to get a payday loan in your area, which is the reason why we offer it. We have branches across the entire state of Florida, so you're bound to reside close to one. 

You'll be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable loan associates when you come to our store. Their job is to clear up any concerns you may have, ensure you understand the financial obligations of taking out a payday loan, and talk you through the necessary documents. 

Usually, we recommend filling in our simple online request form before entering the store. That way, our representatives will be expecting you. However, if you'd rather speak face-to-face with us from the beginning, you can do that instead. We're here to help you get the loan in whatever way you need. 

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Requirements for Payday Loans

You've found the advance payday loan in your area, and now you're wondering what to do next. Thankfully, we have everything you need to know right here!

To get a payday loan, you only need the following three items:

  • State-issued photo identification — We use this to confirm your identity and that you're over 18 years of age. Most of our customers prefer to use their driver's license, but you can pick from the following too:
    • A United States of America passport
    • A United States of America passport card
    • A United States of America student ID card
    • A United States of America military ID card
    • A United States of America military dependent ID card
    • A United States of America non-driver's ID card
  • Proof of income — We need your most recent pay stub as your proof of income. We use it to ensure you can repay the loan.
  • Blank check — Make sure the blank check comes from a checking account open in your name. The account must also be active for us to approve your payday loan.

But the short requirements list isn't the best part about payday loans. Instead, the best factor is that you don't need amazing credit to qualify! You can apply and be approved for a cash advance loan in Florida no matter your credit score.

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How to Get an Advance Payday Loan Near You

Once you've gathered your documents together, follow the steps below to get a payday loan in your area from one of our stores:

  1. First, complete the online inquiry form found on this website.
  2. Then, sit back and wait for one of our friendly loan representatives to give you a call. They'll walk you through the process, answer your questions, and explain the required items.
  3. After the conversation, head to your local Fast Payday Loans, Inc. storefront with the necessary documents outlined above (ID, most recent pay slip, and a blank check.)
  4. When you arrive, one of our expert representatives will verify your information and examine your documents to ensure you qualify for the loan.
  5. If you do qualify for the payday loan, you'll be guided through the remaining paperwork (it won't take long at all.)
  6. Finally, you will receive the money you need on the same or very next business day.

Get a Payday Loan with Us Today!

As you now know, finding an advance payday loan lender in your area isn't as tricky as you once imagined. However, we strongly recommend only getting the loan if you truly need it. There's simply no point in repaying a dollar amount you never really required in the first place.

With that said, if your situation would worsen or grow increasingly expensive if left unpaid, then a payday loan is absolutely a justifiable option. So, complete the application online today, and our friendly loan experts will help you through the rest of the process!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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