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6 Careers with No Degree that Make $50,000

People have the misconception that, without a degree, you can’t make a comfortable living. Because of this, many feel discouraged to go out and find a career that they love. Don’t let this be you. It is possible to make a living doing something that you love without a diploma.

How Can I Make $50,000 a Year Without a Degree?

Many careers don't require a degree but do require passion, drive, and teamwork. If these characteristics are ones that you hold, you are in luck! Here are some of the top careers that can earn you a healthy pay of $50,000 next year!

Police Officer

Do you strive for adventure? Always thought about being a person in uniform, protecting the community? This may be the perfect career for you. This is a job that does not require any previous education, other than a high school diploma or GED.

What is required of this career path is to go through a police academy, and then some on-the-job training. Although this can be difficult, if you have a passion for this field, it can be very rewarding. You get to protect and serve while taking in a nice salary of $61,050.

Postal Service Clerk

This job is good for the 9 to 5 type or someone that has a family. If you need a fixed work schedule in order to get home by a certain time to cook, pick up the kids, etc., this may be perfect for you.

You do not need a degree for this job, but you do need to do a basic education written test and get a criminal background check. You will also need to do a few weeks of on-the-job training. You will sort mail, sell envelopes and stamps, and prepare and ship packages. For such minimal education required, you will receive a salary of $58,550.


Are you handy? Are you the friend that people call to help them when their electricity goes out or they can't get a light to work? If so, an electrician is a perfect career for you.

Although you can receive some training upon hire, it is best to have a general knowledge of electric already. If you feel that this word suits you, you can expect about $54,110 per year.

Commercial Pilot

Have you always dreamed of flying a plane? Maybe you had an obsession with aircraft from a young age. You may be destined to take the skies and work as a pilot!

No dream is too large, especially when it doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree. With a high school diploma, you can achieve this dream. The only requirement is flight training school and 250 hours of flying time. With this career, you can take home up to $78,740.


Do you have a “green thumb” for farming and gardening? If so, this is a career that you can actually enjoy. Surprisingly, farmers actually can make well over $50,000 per year. Obviously, there is much that goes into this career such as land and climate. For farming, you don't typically need any educational background. If this is the right fit for you, you can take in around $69,620.

Aircraft Mechanic

If the pilot option above sparked your interest, but you're scared to fly the actual aircraft yourself, you may want to be an aircraft engineer. No college degree is required but you do have to attend an aviation maintenance program at an FAA school. You'll get to work with aircraft and gain knowledge about them without actually having to fly. This career can earn you $61,020.


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How Payday Loans Can Help You Launch Your New Career

Although they do not require college, some of these careers do require some sort of program or schooling prior to on-the-job training. If affording an education is a problem for you at the moment, there are options out there to help you. You may want to look into payday loans to assist you with getting the quick cash you need to dive into training for your new career.

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