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Halloween Spooktacular: 4 Tips to Make Sure Your Budget Isn’t the Scariest Part of Your Party

October 12, 2018 | By Mason Roberts

While stores might already have Christmas decorations up, most of us are still prepping for Halloween. Kids are dreaming of trick or treating and we adults are planning out Halloween Party schedules.

Planning Your Halloween on a Budget

Are you contemplating throwing your own Halloween Bash this year? How bad could it be? Just invite cool people, grab some chips and dip, and voila! Well, it often isn’t that simple, and people often end up getting in over their heads and, most importantly, their budgets.

But throwing a Halloween party shouldn’t be scary! Take a deep breath and read on for 4 tips for throwing a Halloween Party that will leave your friends raving and your sanity safe.

Get Started Early

The earlier you start planning, the more likely you will be to save on your celebration. If you procrastinate and wait until the weekend or day of, you will have to buy whatever is available at whatever the price is. Planning early allows you to avoid relying solely on brick and mortar shops.

You have the time to order things online and save where you can. Another plus to starting early is you will be more likely to fit into your friend’s schedules. There are lots of Halloween parties, make sure yours is the one people go to!

Cinematic Themes

Building your party around a favorite movie is a great way to keep the party simple, focused, and allow for built-in entertainment! You can tailor your decorations and food around the theme, and you don’t have to worry about keeping everyone entertained the whole time.

You can throw on the movie, so everyone can watch and enjoy like Hocus Pocus are fair game, but feel free to get creative. Something like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is whacky, fun, and with just one Hawaiian shirt and some hair gel, you are perfect host!

Bargain Hunt

So you have a theme and you started planning early; now it’s time to start looking around for deals! The internet is filled with decorations available at reasonable prices Halloween decorations.

The trick here is not just to immediately buy online but to compare prices. Look at what is available on Amazon and Etsy, but don't forget to check out local stores. Dollar Stores are great places to look for decorations as well as plates and cups.

Start Your Party Later

A great way to help keep costs down is to plan your party later in the evening. Food is one of the biggest budget busters when it comes to party planning. If you plan a later party, it is assumed that people would eat dinner prior to coming to visit. You can avoid the costs of supplying a meal or even substantial finger food and instead, go for lighter fare like chips, crackers, and other snacks.

Make Budgeting Your Halloween Less Scary with Payday Loans

Well, there you have it! If you stick to these party tricks, your Halloween get-together should be all treats! But, remember, if you do burn through your budget too soon and if you're sitting there searching for “payday loans,” we can help with that as well.