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6 Types of Local Businesses to Support for National Mom and Pop Business Day (March 29)

March 20, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

Small businesses are finally getting their piece of the pie and local communities are now feeling the financial impact from this change in consumer behaviors. Join the movement on National Mom and Pop Business Day by supporting these, as well as all other, local business types in your area.

Small Businesses to Support on Mom and Pop Business Day

Record Stores

Adding some extra albums to your record collection? Why not check out your local record store first? Small-business record stores will normally carry a much larger variety of your favorite albums than the music section at Target.

You can even pick up hard-to-find used records at a reasonable price as well, so skip the corporate stores and hit the bins at your local independent record shop.


You could always go to one of the endless chain restaurants conveniently near your local shopping plazas and malls, but why not try biting into something more worthwhile? Believe it or not, some of the best food you will ever have the pleasure of eating can only be found at mom and pop restaurants.

They may go unnoticed by many, but the food at these small independent eateries offer some of the best home-cooked meals out there. Find a small mom and pop restaurant near you and taste the difference.


When it comes to bakeries, there's no contest between a chain and an indie. Small local bakeries may look underwhelming from the outside, but the cakes, cookies, and bread that come out of the oven will say otherwise.

Your local bakers bake because it's their passion to do so. They don't work for a big corporation to simply earn a paycheck. They bake because they love it, and the tasty treats that come from these dedicated bakers is a testament to their passion.


Like restaurants and bakeries, pizzerias are either owned by a big corporation or by small-town people like you and me. Your local pizzeria owner probably hails from cities where pizza is a staple food, like New York, Chicago or Philadelphia. Try a slice of their authentic pizza and you'll never look and Papa John's or Dominos the same way again!

Comic Book Stores

Nerdy is in these days, especially with the recent surge in sales from comic books and their big blockbuster adaptations. Most department stores don't even sell comics, but your local comic book store has a whole universe of adventures waiting for you to discover.

Not only that, but you'll probably also find a variety of books, collectibles, games and many other nerdy memorabilia you wouldn't find anywhere else.

Gift Shops

Getting a gift for someone special? You could go to Target or the factory outlets, but maybe you should swing by your local gift shop first. There's usually a variety of small gift shops to choose from in most cities and towns, and each one is bound to offer something more fun, special and unique than anything you'd find at the mall.

Ice Cream Shops

Who doesn't want a nice, cool ice cream cone on a hot day? Feel like treating yourself to a scoop? Never mind the frozen food aisle at the grocery store - grab a tasty treat from your local ice cream shop instead.

These little mom and pop ice cream shops usually make their own ice cream right there on the premises. It's a huge step up from Breyers, and the taste is beyond compare.

How Will You Celebrate Mom and Pop Businesses This Year?

In recent years, there's been a movement that's taken the business world by storm, particularly smaller businesses. Something new in the American consciousness has been driving today's consumers to pull away from patronizing big corporate chains to explore better ways to get good quality products and services from local establishments within their community. Small mom and pop companies are at the center of the movement and they're raking in new revenue that hasn't been seen in years past because of it.

Has shopping at pricey corporate businesses left you searching for "payday loans" Then it's time to step up and show your support this National Mom and Pop Business Day by giving these 7 local business types a go! Who knows, you may even find your new favorite hotspot.